Occupy Kensington was formed in 2012 to bring together activists in our community to fight on local issues but also connect them to the wider picture of fighting for real change in this country to benefit the 99% not the 1%.

OCCUPY KENSINGTON is a community based movement that stands in SOLIDARITY with other Occupy, 99% and Liberation Movements in New York City , across the country and around the world.

Trump Can Be Defeated. Organize to Stop Deportations. Make New York a real Sanctuary City

Throughout NYC thousands of people are moving into action, from the mass protest at JFK against the Muslim ban, to people volunteering to accompany immigrants to deportation hearings, to the rally here in Kensington to launch the local Hate Free Zone. Many different organizations are stepping up to engage in this struggle and many different tactics are being proposed.

OK believes that a wide range of tactics can and should be used in this battle. Anything that contributes to making the job of ICE agents harder, anything that prevents another deportation, is a worthwhile tactic. We believe there are three main areas to which we can contribute:

  1. Political pressure on the Mayor and City Council
  2. Legal defense and assistance for those facing deportation
  3. Community level resistance to ICE

Meet one of our founders & learn about our beginnings