Monday, April 24 7:00pm-9:00pm at PS 130 (713 Caton Ave, the lunchroom):

Building safe, responsible, and accountable neighborhoods: A workshop on alternatives to Broken Windows policing led by organizers from El Grito de Sunset Park, a community organization resisting injustices and fighting for human rights through participatory defense, civic engagement, and documenting the experiences of marginalized communities.

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Friday, April 28 6:00pm at Kensington Plaza:

May Day Rally and Speak-out. Join us for a speak-out on workers rights, climate change, healthcare reform, immigration reform, and much more! Come hear activists from our neighborhood speak about the campaigns they are involved in to make Kensington a Hate Free Zone, to make New York a true Sanctuary city, for guaranteed healthcare for all in New York State, and to save the environment.

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May 1st 12:00pm – 6:00pm at Union Square
SHUT IT DOWN! Strike to Defend Migrants, Refugees, and All Workers!
Coming together May Day @ Union Square 2017 not only resisting Trump but holding the whole corrupt system accountable. We are groups coming together representing Black, Brown, People of Color, Trans, LGBTQGNC, Migrant, Muslim, People with Criminal Convictions, and Indigenous communities who are uniting to defend our people!